Company Culture

Even the best strategy can’t succeed unless it’s supported by a strong culture. That’s why we at Private Media live and foster an Ownership Culture – a culture that encourages every individual in our Company to give his or her best in his or her position in order to help build the company’s long-term success.


Our Melbourne headquarters are an open-plan office to encourage a positive working environment to allow our employees to continually develop innovative solutions for our customer base. We also have an office in Sydney (coworking space) and in Canberra (Parliament House).

Continuous Employee Development

At Private Media, we encourage our employees to develop in their roles so they are continuously learning and improving. We support many types of education and provide mentoring programmes and on-the-job training.

Approachable Leadership

Inspirational communication from our Chairman and leadership team is vital to convey Private Media’s company vision and direction. Our employees regularly receive feedback on how they contribute to our company’s success.

Cultural Diversity

We enjoy, respect, appreciate and embrace working with different cultures and nationalities.

Service Excellence Standards

We adhere to a common Service Excellence Standard, focused on continually improving the quality of the service we provide, the delivery of work on time and the way we add value to our clients.

Regular provision of feedback channels

Understanding what is most important to our employees and monitoring ongoing satisfaction levels is of the utmost importance to us. Regular meetings, engagement surveys, site feedback audits and informal chats are just some of the ways we gather input on where and how we need to improve.