Crikey is the best-known, oldest and most influential independent news website in Australia. Now in its 15th year, Crikey is a pivotal information source for political and government insiders, media movers, editors, journalists, lobbyists, lawyers, academics, business people, decision-makers, leaders across key professions, industries and NGOs, and a whole lot of other socially-aware, curious Australians. Crikey doesn’t “cover” the news – it “uncovers” the stories, motives, spin and strategies that underpin the news. Every weekday, Crikey’s team of staff journalists, editors, analysts and specialist writers delivers a uniquely original email package of insider stories to its 17,000 paid subscribers. And the Crikey website produces a daily selection of news, blogs and curated content for an audience of more than 2,140,608 monthly page impressions (Nielson, August 2015). Crikey doesn’t try to tell its audience how to think: it provides them with factual, thoughtful, often counterintuitive and always vigorously independent background information, insights, analysis, data and explanations designed to stimulate their understanding and stretch their minds. Crikey occupies a unique place in the Australian media, independent, unaligned and transparent.