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Australia possesses a large, healthy small – medium business sector and has a long history of independent business-making, innovation and product development.

In recent years, the rise of the global startup movement has resulted in a new form of business in Australia, one that functions on collaboration, experimentation, research and technology ideation.

Combined with the growing trends around the freelance economy and the impact of technology on lifestyle and the economy, Australia’s modern business environment is coming of age.

This is where SmartCompany comes in. Publishing must-have content every day since 2007, SmartCompany employs a team of passionate and informed journalists who work tirelessly to keep readers engaged and in-the-know, and a commercial team committed to delivering relevant, high-performing content marketing and advertising solutions for its commercial partners.

SmartCompany is driven by a vision to see Australian small-business boom, and it does this by encouraging curiosity, courage and a genuine spirit of collaboration.