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SmartCompany distills and explains the news that matters to the people who run the country’s smartest, fastest-growing small-medium enterprises. With 602,444 monthly page impressions (Google Analytics, March 2016), SmartCompany is a key information partner for SME leaders and owners. SmartCompany’s mantra on their behalf is all about practicality: tell me what matters today … tell me why it matters … tell me what other smart business owners are doing to grow … tell me the critical trends from everywhere that could change my life … inspire and motivate me … tell me how to be better, smarter and more efficient. SmartCompany covers all the important bases our readers need to run smart, growing businesses: management, strategy, leadership, work-life balance, finance and cashflow, technology, marketing, hiring, digital, people management, data, risk, investment, succession. And SmartCompany works creatively with advertisers and commercial partners to create useful partner content, ebooks, webinars, social media opportunities, events, awards, research and a range of site advertising positions that add to readers’ knowledge and help them run smarter companies.